We put dance into the world and it comes back to us with the beauty of shared experience.

Karma is an Ann Arbor based bellydance troupe that was founded in 2012. With an emphasis on fusion-style dance, Karma creates unique performances with traditional Middle Eastern music and modern favorites from around the world.  Audiences love the fun, playful spirit of the troupe and are mesmerized by the skill and synchronicity of our dancers. Karma performs regularly in Ann Arbor and Southeast Michigan at festivals, haflas, community celebrations, and private events.


Kristen has been dancing almost all her life, starting with tap, ballet, and jazz before she was drawn to the shapes and flow of bellydance. A passionate educator, she teaches elementary school by day and bellydance by night. When she’s not helping her little students develop their brains or her bigger students develop their shimmies, she loves to be active outdoors or inside curled up with a book. Since 2020 Kristen has been Karma’s Creative Director, helping to guide the style and development of our troupe.

Sarah fell in love with dance at an early age but for many years felt she was a better spectator than performer. After taking the leap into bellydance classes she was able to develop her fledgling skills and gain a deeper appreciation for the athleticism required for the artform. Sarah now dances every day, whether with the troupe, out on the town, or in her kitchen. A natural entertainer, she also enjoys performing standup and writing stories and will do anything for a laugh.


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